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Protein Plus is your plant-based ingredient partner for an innovative boost in enhancing and value-adding to your products, opening up new possibilities and empowerment for that competitive edge to be set apart from others. 

We specialise in plant-based alternatives to meet growing demand and evolving needs, with our proprietary manufacturing process that makes ingredients that are purer, finer and of higher quality.

Protein Plus core products include plant-based food manufacturing ingredients, such as high-protein powders, pastes and oils. Our range of plant-based alternative ingredients such as non-dairy butters, mayonnaise and cheeses, can also be customised to your preferred profiles and specifications.

Protein Plus is backed by an established upstream food manufacturer with a global presence, and a reputable F&B group with over 20 years of experience that has in-market expertise and understand the needs and challenges of downstream businesses. The company is led by a strong management team with deep experience in food production, manufacturing, research and development.

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Protein Plus makes high-quality plant-based ingredients. Give our products a trial today.

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Our alternate source of plant-based protein powders is high in protein, allergen-free and lactose-free. They're great for baking and in manufacturing staples like noodles, pasta, cereals, and plant-based meat analogues.


Protein Plus plant-based protein creams are smooth and creamy. Because of this, our creams are popular with ice cream makers, chocolatiers, and high-protein beverage makers.


Using our plant-based protein butters helps bakeries use less additives and enhance taste.


With our plant-based protein mayonnaise, sauce makers can make smoother, healthier sauces with more flavour.


Protein Plus has the solution to get the structure, taste, and smell right for plant-based protein cheeses and yogurt.


Make better use of raw materials

With improved and patented extraction processes, we're getting more out of our raw materials.

Zero waste manufacturing

The key to zero waste manufacturing isn't just looking at extraction processes, but the entire production chain.

Minimise the carbon footprint

Lower energy consumption and smarter logistic solutions help us reduce our carbon footprint. Let's reduce yours too!


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